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Done For You Video Creation Bonus

Done For You Video Creation

On this page you will learn the process for having your bonus “done for you” video created.

1) Watch the training in the member’s area so you understand what finished whiteboard videos look like.

2) The next step is creating a script for your video, along with the concept of the drawings that will be used to tell the story.

Please view this video:

Click Here To Download The Script Template

3) Next, you need to have a voice-over created for your script.  We suggest going here:

You will find a ton of people that are available to do professional voice-overs for an average of $10.  After you have your voice-over:

3) Go here to fill out this form:  Click Here To Go To The Form

Please note, what we need from you to complete this video is the script, as well as a description of the two scenes you would like us to create (unless you are using a video that exists already, and just customizing it, such as for a chiropractor, for example).

If you have any questions about this process just contact us at our support desk here: