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Yesterday I shared with you my thoughts and frustrations as I began my journey into the internet marketing world. It took me years to find success, and now that I have it I have spent a great deal of time looking back on the last ten years. I don’t want you to make the same mistakes I did!

Mistake #1: Treating Internet Marketing As A Hobby

We all have hobbies right? I am a HUGE hobby person. Personally I love video games, hobby board games, playing music, well you get the point. Hobbies are fun, especially when you really get into them.

I’m sure many of you are sticking your toe in the “internet marketing pool” just for “fun”. Invest a few dollars and if you make money, great. If not…no harm right? Because it was just a hobby.


And I want to explain why this is such a bad idea…

You need to treat internet marketing like you would a job. You need to make a commitment to internet marketing.


Let’s flip flop it around a bit…

What do you think your boss would think if you started treating your job like a hobby? Some days you show up for work and work hard. And then other days…meh….you don’t really need to put much effort in. I mean its just for fun right!?!

You would get fired pretty quickly with that kind of attitude.

Now don’t get me wrong here, I am not saying that you need to be super committed to be successful online.

But you need to be serious.

You need to be invested.

I want you to take a moment and think about yourself right now. Just how serious are you about internet marketing? Are you willing to dedicate 5 hours of your time over the next week to becoming successful?

This isn’t earth-shattering advice I am dishing out today, in fact it is mostly common sense. You probably aren’t even surprised to be hearing it right now.

You just need to remember that it applies to this situation…it really applies.

Tomorrow I will share my next mistake with you, and it’s a really good one too. In fact some “Guru” marketers might even be mad I am telling you this.

See you tomorrow!