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jvzoo-promo(This is the second post on this topic, for part one, please click here

As I was sharing yesterday, I had an absolutely amazing experience at JVZoo’s Marketing Mayhem event. It is difficult to put into words what it was like to be surrounded by so many enthusiastic and “fired up” people.

Personal Revelation #3: There Is No Substitute For Meeting People In Person

I have been networking in internet marketing since I joined the industry ten years ago, and while it is great getting to know people through email, forum postings, Facebook, and Skype, it is a totally different experience in person.

20140830_214359Do you know how cool it was for me to shake the hand of my #1 affiliate, Todd Gross? Or get to tell Igor Kheifet’s in person how much he has changed my life (Igor is an amazing coach!)

I was initially pretty nervous about the whole thing too. I was worried it would be hard to talk to people. I couldn’t believe how friendly everyone was. It felt kind of like we are a part of this geeky culture, and within the walls of the event everyone was automatically a friend.

I was also surprised how accessible the “guru’s” were. I got to have conversations with guys that are making millions of dollars a year. It also put everything into perspective for me, and showed me what is really possible. Yikes!

Me & Igor Kheifet

Me & Igor Kheifet

JVZoo was cool in how they ran the event. Every night there was some sort of “social” activity, and all you had to do was show up and it was very easy to start talking to and meeting people.

Personal Revelation #4: The Harder You Try, The More Opportunities You Have

The first day I was a bit shy, and didn’t talk to as many people as I should have. I’m a bit of a quiet person, and it was initially hard for me to keep walking up and jumping into conversations.

There were certain people that I knew I needed to meet, but I didn’t realize how important it was to be meeting the people I didn’t know.

For example, a seemingly random conversation developed into a full-blown major business opportunity for me!

I’ll be sharing more about that in the future, but for now the important thing to keep in mind is that you need to be putting yourself out there. If you stay behind the comfort of your own computer screen, the chances of you making a connection with someone are going to be significantly less.

Now I’m not writing this article so everyone will come join me at JVZoo’s event next year (though that would be awesome). But I am encouraging you to get out there and start connecting with people.

If you aren’t on Skype, you really should be. I have met many cool people that way. Don’t be afraid to start chatting with people, especially those who are making a serious effort in internet marketing.

If you ask just about anyone that is successful in the internet biz, how it happened, it usually involves what could be perceived as a “lucky break”. Being in the right place at the right time, meeting the right person, etc. While this can be a component, I think it is incredibly important that you understand that the only way to find these “lucky breaks” is to stick your neck out there and work hard.

I am a firm believer in that internet marketing is a “numbers” game. If you get out there and really try, you WILL be successful.

Yes, I have returned from Marketing Mayhem all “fired up”. I am ready to get out there and do some exciting stuff. I am so excited that you will be along for the ride 🙂

matt-b-and-vanilla-iceOh, one last thing… My 16 year old self was just a bit excited to be at a private concert with Vanilla Ice. And yes, he did Ninja Rap! I am a HUGE TMNT fan and it was very surreal hearing him talk about those good old turtles.

He was really nice too. He stuck around and made sure everyone got their picture taken with him. Word to Your Mother!