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Internet marketing is a very fascinating industry. So many people claim to have the path to instant riches, and yet so many of us seem to spend a majority of our time “spinning our wheels” with no advancement towards success. Throughout my years in the industry, I have met more than my share of people that are successful, as well as those that aren’t. In fact a few years ago, I saw internet marketing as being more about “luck” than skill. How could someone be successful when I was not? Internet marketing felt almost like playing the lottery.

I wasn’t always successful, in fact when I first started internet marketing, I did a pretty terrible job of it.

I have been supporting my family now with my internet marketing career, full time for the past four years. Sure, you see me brag about that in my salesletters. But you don’t see me “bragging” about the amount of time and money I spend during the first six years of my journey with internet marketing.

But now I can look back on it and identify crucial mistakes that I made during my pursuit of the internet marketing dream…

I look forward to sharing those mistakes with you, in a hope that you won’t repeat them yourself!

Talk tomorrow,